Biometric Locks

Biometric locks for the home provide even greater security and piece of mind.  Why biometric locks? Everywhere you go, you carry your fingerprint with you.  High security government agencies have used biometric locks for years because of the uniqueness of a human fingerprint.  Specific systems feature a 500 Dot Per Inch (DPI) fingerprint sensor that cannot be tricked by someone who closely matches your fingerprint or a copy of a fingerprint from surfaces that are touched.  Additional fingerprint access can be granted by the owner of the "master" fingerprint, so children and family members have access to their home without worrying about losing keys.

Biometric locks should be used on exterior doors, but can also be installed on interior doors.  If you need to secure your bedroom or office due to sensitive items or records, biometric locks make sure that only persons with fingerprint access can gain entry.  This is really ideal for families with young children who want to make sure that curious little minds stay safe in the home.  Forget to lock your door in the home or exterior doors?  No worries, these locks have an adjustable delay system and automatically lock.  Your homes technology should begin at the front door and end with you sleeping safe at night or give you peace of mind when you are away.


Q)  I watch popular science television shows that have proven biometric locks can be defeated.  Why would I consider these types of locks?

A)   While it is true that these shows have shown they can be defeated, you should also be aware that they found industry experts that have years of experience in defeating locks in general.  This means they can defeat all types of locks; however your average thief is not as sophisticated and will have difficulty defeating the lock.  You the consumer need to only protect your home from thieves who randomly select houses, not professional thieves who will take the time to gain entry for a higher reward of their efforts, making finger print spoofing a less realistic concern.

Q)  Can someone copy my fingerprint and access my home?

A)  Fingerprints can be duplicated/lifted form a surface and the best example would be the police obtaining fingerprints from a crime scene.  Fingerprints can also be forged (according to IEEE - Advancing Technology for Humanity); however a fake fingerprint will not have sweat glands on it, will not have the same conductivity as actual skin, and will have other flaws which can be scanned for.  The right biometric lock scanner will help to reduce entry with a fake or forged fingerprint.

Q)   Why would I choose a biometric lock over a digital/electric lock?

A)  You carry the key to your biometric lock everyday, your fingerprint.  Digital/electric locks require a pass code and if you forget the pass code, you hopefully have a back up key.  Although digital/electrical locks are still great choices, biometric locks offer total freedom from keys and pass codes.

Q)  I heard that the secondary entry system (key hole) can easily be defeated with a paperclip, are there other options?

A)  Just like standard locks, biometric locks have variations of a secondary means of entry.  Veteran Owned Locksmith conducts extensive research into all technological products to insure we offer the best products with the highest security features.  When it comes to biometric locks, we look for the battery life of the lock (models without a secondary entry system), a tumbler key system versus a dimple key system for stronger secondary access against theft, and a cover system to protect the lock from weather.   

Veteran Owned Locksmith is ready to assess your home and your needs for advanced lock technology.  We conduct all of the research for our consumers based on their needs to offer them the best solutions at the best prices.  You tell us what your concerns are and we will provide you with the answers your are looking for.  We do the leg work for our consumers because we offer guaranteed services from the lock, installation, helping our customers understand their new hardware, and how to use the new system.  Most of the biometric locks come with a two year warranty giving the customer piece of mind that their investment is long term.  Veteran Owned Locksmith is the only locksmith in our service areas that brings these solutions to the consumer.  Do not be left behind as technology keeps moving forward.  Veteran Owned Locksmith will conduct a free assessment and quote for your home.  Our technicians will meet with you, assess the needs of your home based on what you want, and provide you a free quote.  Give us a call today and experience for yourself how technology can enhance your quality of life.

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