Your business is an investment of your money, time, and effort.  Veteran Owned Locksmith has solutions for small businesses and corporate businesses that are looking to protect their investments and support their loss prevention strategies.  Quality surveillance can make the difference between a total loss or recovery of products, assets, and equipment.  Our team specializes in assessing your building, finding the blind spots that need surveillance, determining the right product package for your business, and all of our professional installers are licensed as required by the state of Georgia and state of South Carolina.  

What should you look for in a quality surveillance system?

  • You should look for cameras that will allow you to properly identify a person in the dark as much as during the day.  Make sure to look for night vision security cameras with built-in infrared LEDs.
  • Wireless cameras versus analog.  Wireless cameras using IP can be connected via ethernet cable to a hard wire switch or secure wireless router.  This will achieve higher quality video, shorter cable runs, and easier to install.  
  • Where you want to set up the cameras can make a difference in your surveillance activity and quality.  Interior cameras are not challenged by distance, however exterior cameras may be challenged with the attempt to gain as much footage of an area as well as distance.  Look for cameras with long range lenses and larger image sensors to allow more light into the picture and allow you a wider angel of view.
  • Camera resolutions range from 480p - 1080p with 1080p being the best quality of picture similar to HDTV.  If you are looking for the best clarity of footage, 1080p is the best option.
  • Weatherproof cameras are the best options for exterior operations and you should be sure to research cameras that are fully weatherproofed for outside use.
  • Look for software that you can use that will allow you to monitor your space using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Make sure you find the right DVR with the right storage space for you (1TB, 2TB, etc).

For small businesses

A small business has more reason to invest in CCTV to protect its assets from potential theft.  A small business may not have a loss prevention practice in place and CCTV can help start a simple loss prevention solution.  CCTV is not just physical security with the presence of cameras, it also alters human behavior.  People are less likely to commit acts of dishonesty when they know they are being watched.  Criminals are opportunists and want an easy target that does not reveal their actions.  

Cameras can also give you insight to your customers shopping patterns which can help you with merchandise placement in your store or showroom for the best results.  Cameras that view the cash register can help to resolve customer complaints about money exchange (paying with cash, the bills used, and the money returned in the form of change).  There are a variety of examples for small business applications for the use of CCTV and given a little time, thought, and creativity, you may be able to find the right solution for your business that will save you money and challenges that can affect your daily operations.    


A larger business typically has more square space and certainly more divided areas to keep up with in its facility.  CCTV gives businesses with warehouses and storage areas 24-hour monitoring to help with the mysterious inventory shrinkages.  The known benefit of CCTV is the ability to react to a break-in or unlawful behavior allowing you to provide authorities with video footage of the action taking place which greatly increases their ability to solve the crime quickly.  Probably the most important feature of CCTV for any business is the ability to record workplace accidents.  CCTV allows the business to review videos footage to determine if the accident was legitimate or a planned attempt to procure a cash settlement for injuries.  Whatever the reason for monitoring the business space, CCTV offers a variety of solutions that work with loss prevention and keeping the business running smoothly and safely.  


Veteran Owned Locksmith, LLC only uses professionally licensed installers for CCTV Systems.  All required paperwork, licenses, or other documentation needed to perform the scope of work will be submitted to the customer prior to service.     

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