commercial digital locks

Commercial Digital Locks are perfect for businesses that are looking for flexibility, longevity, and value in their investment to the first line of security.  Key ways are secondary options for these locks allowing a business two types of access through code use or keys.  Additionally, businesses can control entry/exit points for employees based on their level of access to certain areas within the facility.  Digital locks provide a higher level of security as most digital locks are Grade 1 according to ANSI/BHMA standards.  What does this mean for your business?  Quality metals, quality construction, quality durability, and longevity so you are not having to replace your locks as frequently as the standard mortise/cylinder lock.  

Benefits of commercial digital locks

  • No more rekeying the locks when an employee leaves
  • o more worrying about the keys falling into the wrong hands.  Trusted managers and owners can have the keys as a backup in the case of an emergency.
  • No more worrying about employees sneaking in after hours.  Most digital locks use between 30-300 user codes and have audit trail capability giving you records of the date and time your facility was accessed.
  • Keyless digital locks entirely remove the need for keys and offers a master code for owners and managers.
  • Most models require no hard wiring.
  • The locks will still work during power outages.
  • Batteries are easily replaced.

property management companies

Property Management Companies can expect Veteran Owned Locksmith, LLC to not only supply them with their bulk buy order, but also have the best competitive rates in town.  Developments take time to build and are usually on a schedule.  Timing is everything and Veteran Owned Locksmith, LLC can fulfill your order when you need it.  We offer a variety of options for shipping and delivery to multiple locations, complex orders, and we will simplify the process for you.  Veteran Owned Locksmith, LLC is a proud distributor of Schlage products and guarantee your order is right the first time, every time.    

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