Digital Locks

Electronic and Digital Lock technology offers home owners the flexibility they are looking for with access to their home.  These locks empower the home owner providing two ways to access their residence.  Using codes to unlock the deadbolt eliminates using keys, giving copies of keys to other occupants, and provides a higher level of security by providing ANSI/BHMA Certified Grade 1 Level Security.  There are two methods of entry, so if you forget the code, you have a key, and if a member of your family needs access to the home, you can provide codes for access and remove them without the worry of who has keys to the home.  

These locks offer up to 30 user codes, anti-pick shielding, Build-in alarm technology, and some models employ Z-Wave Technology which can connect the locks to a home automation system (See our home automations tab).  Your Home is the biggest investment you will make in life, you should make sure your investment and property are secured with the best lock technology on the market. All locks come with a 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty and Veteran owned Locksmith GUARANTEES all of its work giving you, the consumer, piece of mind that your hardware is installed correctly with a quality product.

Advantages of electronic and digital lock technology

Veteran Owned Locksmith is a provider of Schlage Locks which offer multiple security features and quality construction.

1)  No more looking for keys in your purse or pockets, just enter the code and you have access to your home.

2)  Forget to lock your door?  Electric and digital locks provide settings that automatically lock the door so you never have to worry about whether your home is secure.

3)  No more forgotten keys or losing keys.  Using a code gives you access without them.  

4)  No more spare keys and no more carrying keys on the key chain.

5)  Most digital locks have smart alarm technology as a stand alone feature.  When someone attempts to gain access to your home by tampering with your lock, an alarm will sound to deter theft.

6)  Long term investment that saves you money over the life of the lock.

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Are you looking for digital security on the inside of your home?  Veteran Owned Locksmith has you covered.  We can install digital locks on the interior doors for your home office so you can secure those important documents.  These locks are great security additions for that Man Cave, bedrooms, basement access, and sheds for the back yard.  Veteran Owned Locksmith never charges for on-site consultations and quotes.  Our technicians will come to you and assess your needs providing you with an accurate quote for any project you have in mind.  We pride ourselves in providing the latest technology to our consumers and we are the only locksmith in town that is committed to bringing you the best products at the best prices.  

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