Commercial Door INstallation

Veteran Owned Locksmith is the only locksmith in town that will work with our customers to install doors for commercial property.  It makes sense for us and saves cents for our customers!  We can order and install most commercial style doors for store fronts with aluminum glass doors and solid steel doors.  Who do we serve and where do we install?  We serve all major and small businesses within our service area.  There is not a job too big or small when it comes to installing doors.  The best part about our service is that we can combine our excellent locksmith services with your door installation.  Why pay for one company to order and hang your doors and then have to find a locksmith for your hardware.  You can have it all with Veteran Owned Locksmith.

Veteran Owned Locksmith is committed to finding the right package for our customers when it comes to doors and hardware.  We can find the right doors and hardware to match your property and get involved with your project.  We believe in teamwork and that is how you will feel with Veteran Owned Locksmith working with you to turn your vision to reality.  We provide panic bars, closures, exit hardware to fire code, access control to fire code, door sweeps, mullions, astragals, and offer a variety of brand name products that will come with quality along with our outstanding installation service.  We do not just get the job done, we get the job done right the first time, every time!  Experience for yourself what we have to offer and call us today for estimates and a free on-site assessment within our service area.

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