Home Automation

Home automation is becoming a popular trend for American families as it provides the latest technology to keep you connected to your home.  Have you ever had that feeling that you forgot to lock the front or back door?  How about the garage door?  Or maybe your neighborhood is currently going through a series of burglaries.  Your home is your castle and you worked hard to achieve home ownership and the contents inside your home.  Home invasions are another concern for American families as they can lead to violent outcomes.  However, there are many alarm companies out there that charge between $40-$60 per month and that might not fit your budget.  Additionally, you can find yourself locked into a 2-4 year contract with a hefty contract cancellation fee.  This does not seem practical for a family that is looking to protect what they earned and own.  


  • Over 200,000 Home Burglaries are reported each year in the Unite States.
  • Over 30% of home burglaries are through an unlocked door or window.
  • Over 60% of all burglaries are residential.
  • The highest percentage of burglaries occur during the summer.  Living in the Southeastern United States provides warmer weather throughout the calendar year.
  • Residential homes without a security system are over 300% more likely to be burglarized.
  • 1 in 3 assaults occur as the result of a residential burglary.
  • Over 85% of break ins are conducted by non-professionals that are desperate and dangerous seeking out easy targets of opportunity.
  • Police normally can clear roughly 13% of all burglary cases due to the lack of physical evidence and witnesses.


  • Harden you home security.  If it looks too difficult to break into, thieves are less likely to break in and will move on to another home that is easy to break into.

  • Use a heavy duty deadbolt with a 1 inch throw bolt.  Veteran Owned Locksmith recommends digital locks/biometric locks used in conjunction with home automation systems.

  • Use a wide-angle peep hole to see who is at your door.  Veteran Owned Locksmith recommends an LCD Digital Wireless Door Video Camera - Peep Hole Monitor.  This gives you a good field of view without being vulnerable to a possible break in at the front door.

  • When you move into a new house, you should always change/rekey the locks.  A single builders key can be duplicated to meet the needs of builders who rely on contractors to complete the installation of utilities and other parts of the home.  If you do not rekey your locks, you are at a higher risk of being a victim to burglary.

  • Install home security lighting and systems such as home automation that give you constant and consistent monitoring of your home through your smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Veteran Owned Locksmith, LLC has a package that can suit your needs.  We offer home automation services that work with your locks, garage doors, security cameras inside and outside the home, motion sensors, strobes and alarms, window sensors, and the LCD Peep Hole Viewer.  Think about it, you pay your alarm company $40-$60 a month and they offer you free equipment with a $99 installation fee.  Did you know you pay for that equipment over the life of your contract with them? This is why your monthly monitoring fee is higher than the advertised price.  Additionally, the police response time to your alarm can vary depending on the size of the city and the call volume that the police must attend to.  Thus, your alarm is quick, but help might not be so close.

Using a home automation system empowers you, the home owner, by giving you enough time to react and reduce the response time of the police if needed.  Home automation systems are linked to your entry points like the exterior door locks, garage door openers, and other sensors installed around the home.  Installing indoor/outdoor cameras provide greater security and all products are monitored through your smartphone, tablet, or computer.  Think about it, you are at work and your phone alerts you that the front door is being tampered with.  You can access the outdoor camera and if the situation does not look right, you can immediately notify the police.  Alarm companies need to receive the signal that an occurrence has taken place.  Then they attempt to reach the homeowner for verification that it is not a false alarm.  Once they confirm it is an actual occurrence, they notify the police, then the closest police vehicle has to get to your residence.  Total time?  We will let you do the math to see the difference that home automation can be for you security needs.

Veteran Owned Locksmith, LLC is the leading provider of technology solutions that simplify our customers lives and provides the peace of mind of a secure home.  There are no contracts and there are no cancellation fees.  The best part is that the monthly subscription (Conducted through third party software) is significantly less than that of alarm companies.  That's right, you read it! No contracts, no cancellation fees, access to your home through your smartphone, tablet, and computer. What are you waiting for?  Call Veteran Owned Locksmith, LLC today and we will send a technician to your home to conduct a free assessment built upon your needs, not ours.  We look forward to serving you!   


Veteran Owned Locksmith, LLC only uses professionally licensed installers for Home Automation Systems that require wiring or any installation regulated by the laws of the state in which service is to be provided.  All required paperwork, licenses, or other documentation needed to perform the scope of work will be submitted to the customer prior to service.     

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