There are always two kinds of people in this world, those who are proactive and those who are reactive.  While you ponder this point, right now someone's home is being burglarized because they failed to take care of their residential security situation.  An opportunist passing by or someone who has probably surveyed the neighborhood found that particular house to be the easiest to get into. Why? How?  We cannot provide those answers for you, but we sure can provide the best way to harden your home and make it the least likely target for would be criminals.


Too many times we see weathered and worn locks like the ones above which reduce their ability to function properly.  Additionally, if they look like this on the outside, you can be sure that the inside is worse as the components are most likely oxidized or rusted.  Replacement locks that you can buy in bulk at big-box retail do not often provide the best security.  If you think that the 4-pack of locks for $35 is good enough to meet your needs, just remember that locks only keep the honest people out.  


  • Locks are not just for decoration, although they can be.  Their main function is to prevent unauthorized entry into your home or business.  
  • Locks only provide peace of mind when piece of mind exists.  Does your piece of mind exist with $35 worth of lock hardware when you do not even know the Grade Level of the security of the lock?  (I will give you a hint, they are Grade 3, the lowest level of security for a lock) 
  • Check your house, if your back door is part glass and you have a single cylinder deadbolt, how secure are you if anyone can break the window and unlock your deadbolt?
  • Is your home automated?  Can you receive alerts on your smartphone or tablet?
  • If you have high security Grade 1 locks, are you using standard strike plates which will not assist with the high security locks operation?
  • For businesses, are your closures and panic bars old, worn, and falling off the doors?

Why are We the Home break-in specialists?

As a Veteran Owned Company, our team specializes in security.  Years of military training in securing facilities and areas surrounding facilities, or residential type buildings, allows us to bring that knowledge to you.  This does not mean we are going to excessively fortify your home or business, but our professional team specializes in identifying the weakness of your home or business security.  We can assess your property and your hardware to provide you with a variety of options to make sure you get the most form your security investment.  Think about it, does it make sense to save money on your locks going the cheap route and then having to go through the hardship of filing a loss with you insurance company?  A $35 investment in locks may cost you thousands in repairs and replacement.  However, a wise moderate investment in your locks can save you more by not providing the opportunity for would be thieves to take advantage of you.

We provide a variety of services and products that can round out your security solutions by providing locks, cameras, digital technology, home and business automation that will provide you with a layer of security.  Our idea of security is layered security giving you overlapping protection and state of the art connection with your property.  If someone decides to take advantage of your home or business, you are notified and can see what is going on in real time based on the package you choose.  The safety and security of your home or business is important to us because we know you worked hard to achieve home ownership or business space.  Veteran Owned Locksmith provides free assessments and estimates based on your needs, not ours and that means we work within your budget.   

how do I receive my free estimate?

  • Call Veteran Owned Locksmith today at 706-550-4485.
  • Ask for your free home or business assessment/estimate.
  • Establish an appointment.
  • Veteran Owned Locksmith assesses your property and provides you with an estimate.
  • You agree to the estimate, build your security package, order your hardware, and schedule your installation.

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