Your ignition switch is the main access to your vehicles electrical systems such as the radio, power windows, and other accessories in your vehicle.  The ignition switch requires a key to unlock the switch which gives you access to your vehicles functions which includes starting your vehicle.  The ignition switch is just one part of the ignition system which activates the fuel-air mixture of your vehicle's engine.  The ignition switch provides power to the starter solenoid and the ignition system components such as the engine as the engine control unit and ignition coil.  When your starter switch goes bad or locks up, you will not be able to access your vehicles electronic accessories or start the vehicle.  

Ignition Switch Problems

  1. Manufacturer Defects
  2. Attempted Vehicle Theft
  3. Inserting the wrong key into the key way
  4. Worn out or jammed wafers
  5. Worn out key
  6. Transponder Key lost its programming
  7. Broken Key or object in the key way
  8. Excessive weight on the key chain damaging the tumbler and key

Veteran Owned Locksmith, LLC is ready to assist you with your ignition switch.  Whether you need to replace your ignition switch or have a broken key, our technicians will come to you and get you moving again.  Ignition switches can be easy or complicated depending on the year, make, and model of the vehicle.  Some vehicles will only need a few screws removed to replace the ignition switch and others may require disassembly of the entire steering column.  There are many brand of ignition switches to choose from and Veteran owned Locksmith, LLC can help you pick the right ignition switch for your vehicle that will give you lasting performance.  

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