Just another snake in the grass!

The holiday season is coming upon us fast!  As you prepare and consolidate the list of gifts to buy your family and friends this year, do not forget to be prepared for the unexpected.  Most people do not think to have a locksmith on speed dial because they never think it will happen to them.  What do you do when you lock your keys in the car?  What about when you are locked out of your home?  It only takes a moment to forget and everything stops until you can get back in.

A few tips to help you out this holiday season will insure that you are not delayed in carrying out your to do list.  Make sure you are mindful of just who you are choosing to come out and assist you with getting back into your vehicle or home.  A little preparation can go along way in making sure you are getting the right service from the right locksmith.

1)  Research - perform a Google search and take a look at all of your options for a locksmith.  You want to insure that what they are advertising is the truth.  You can look at the website to find a few things that will reveal a locksmith's validity.  If they say they are licensed, bonded, and insured, ask for proof.  Also, you can check with the Secretary of State that you reside in to insure that who you are dealing with is a legitimate registered business.  

2)  Statements - if a locksmith says they are part of the Associated Locksmith's of America, go to http://www.aloa.org and look them up.  If they are not on the list, this is your first clue that something may be wrong.  Look for websites that display local phone numbers and then tab through their website.  If they have multiple phone numbers from a different area and do not advertise for multiple service areas, be mindful of whether they are truly local.  Also, look for pictures that would not be endorsed by local / state government or vehicle brand names.  It is not lawful for a business to use any picture associated with government or vehicle brand names without the expressed rights to do so.  

3)  Security - a good honest locksmith always checks for identification of the customer to insure that they are performing services to the right property owner.  A legitimate business does not put itself in a liability situation.  Every locksmith should accept multiple forms of payment such as cash and credit cards.  They should also provide you with a written receipt and electronic receipt if the payment is made by credit card over the phone.  

4)  Relationship - a great locksmith has a face to its name.  Develop a relationship with a local locksmith and you always know who to talk to if you have a discrepancy.  Hopefully, you would not need a locksmith frequently, but if you do use one often, loyalty discounts can be found for return customers.  

Just remember, you do not always need the police, but you know the number to call when you need help.  The same idea applies with a locksmith and can save you time and money.  As long as there are locks, at some point in your lifetime, you will need a locksmith to help you when you are locked out or in need of other services.  

At Veteran Owned Locksmith, we value our customers.  Our experienced technicians always have your security in mind and our company policy is to insure that your security is never compromised.  Do not get bit by the snake in the grass when you need a professional you can trust.  Call us and experience for yourself why Veteran Owned Locksmith, LLC should always be your first dependable locksmith to call.  

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