The Blind Spot

Home Security

We often think of the Blind Spot as a phrase associated with driving automobiles, but the Blind Spot is also used in relation to home security.  Have you ever taken the time to evaluate your home security?  Have you looked for ways to break into your home?  Are there areas around your house invisible to your neighbors and public view?  If you can answer yes to one of these questions, consider your blind spots and how you can get your eye on them.

Residential security is not just about the locks you have on your doors, but you really should consider if the locks you buy at big box retail stores are truly worth your piece of mind.  Let's take into consideration some simple math.  How much are your valuables worth in your home?  How much are the priceless valuables worth to you?  Would you trust a lock set worth $40 to protect over $10K-$50K worth of valuables in your home?  Locks can be a great deterrent from theft of your home, but if they are standard locks, you are vulnerable.  

What can you do?  Ask about security pins which can make locks hard to pick.  Ask your locksmith which locks will provide you with the best security for your money.  Do your own research and compare prices.  Most importantly, do not treat your locks as a low priority when it comes to the security of your home.  Bump Keys and some locksmith hardware are now becoming available to the general public for purchase which means, unless you know these people, you do not know their intent with these tools. 

CCTV Camera

Security cameras are a great way to see those blind spots in and around your home.  High quality, digital, HD, night vision, weatherproof, and vandal proof cameras help to keep your eye on your property.  You do not have to spend a lot of money on these systems, but make sure you understand what you are purchasing. There are many camera systems, styles, and configurations out there.  If you are unsure, call your locksmith and ask about the product line available that may suit your needs and budget.  It is human nature for people to behave differently when they know they are being watched.  Hiding your cameras does not act as a deterrent.  Instead, make sure they are visible so your home is perceived as a harder target for would be burglars.  Of course, you want to make sure that they are mounted out of reach as well.

Smart Locks
Bluetooth Locks
Key Fob Locks

Smart Locks, digital locks, and locks with Bluetooth technology are another great way to harden your home security.  Perception is everything even with security.  The harder it looks, the less likely it will be tampered with.  Residential burglaries are opportunity crimes meaning your home is there at the right time, conveniently easy to get into, and it can be done quickly.  Digital and Smart Locks without the key way take away the option to pick the lock which takes away some of the tools needed to defeat the lock.  


How does this all fit together?  Simple, harden your locks, use cameras to expose the blind spots around your home, and tie it all in with today's software availability via your smartphone.  Most Smart Locks and Bluetooth locks along with cameras can be accessed with your mobile phone giving you constant piece of mind no matter where you are.  Additionally, some of the locks and cameras come with an audible alarm function to surprise potential intruders.  Last, but not least, a great new product out today is the DoorBird.  This product works no matter where you are and when someone rings your door bell, you can see and hear who is at your door.  Even more exciting is that you can talk to who is at your door through your smartphone. 

So, think you have all of your blind spots covered?  Check it out for yourself and see how many vulnerabilities exist in and outside of your home.  By taking care of your blind spots, you can avoid uncertain and unfortunate events from taking place just like when you are driving your car.  Veteran Owned Locksmith can conduct security audits of your home for free!  Over 20 years of law enforcement and military experience goes into our recommendations for a safe and secure home.  Give us a call today and find out how we can secure your piece of mind and your home - 706-550-4485.

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