Congratulations on your new home! Who else has a copy of your keys?

Today is the day that you received the keys to your new home!  Everything is planned chaos as you try to settle in and get comfortable.  There are a few things on the checklist to get done such us unpacking, painting, setting up the utilities, and applying that perfect final touch to make it all feel like home.  However, did you think about the locks on your entry doors?  Do you know who else has a copy of the keys you were given at the closing table?  

Ask your real estate agent, local law enforcement, and any industry subject matter expert in security and they will tell you the same thing, either change your locks or rekey the locks.  So, what is the difference between changing the locks or rekeying the locks?  The answer is simply going to your local Home Depot or Lowe's and purchasing a new set of locks.  However, do you know which ones are good quality or just plain cheap?  We all like to save money, but you should never sacrifice security to save a dollar.

Calling a locksmith to rekey the locks on your new home can save you time and money in the long run.  Rekeying a lock is simply changing the combination of the interior of the lock to fit a new key.  Thus, whoever has the old set of keys to your new home, will no longer have access and provides you with a true feeling of security.  How does rekeying a lock save money over buying new locks?  I will not bore you with the math, but I am sure the equation is something like Time + Fuel + Product Purchase + Labor = $$$.

Rekeying the locks saves you time as a locksmith will come to you and we all value our time.  Like they say in the business world, time is money and for some of us time is invaluable.  The cost of travel is consumed by the locksmith and if you have a V8, this might be a valuable point for you.  Locks and lock sets can be found within various price ranges, but be careful, buying a cheap lock is not like buying generic cereal versus General Mills.  There is a difference in the level of security that you will receive from buying locks at each price range.  Labor is the time it takes you to install the locks yourself and if you have items on your checklist that still need to be completed, you may not be thinking about those locks.  It only takes a brief moment of absence from your home to have your vulnerability taken advantage of.  

Veteran Owned Locksmith, LLC provides highly skilled technicians to rekey your home and provide other Residential Services.  We provide fast service and a quality finished product that is completed right the first time every time.  Do not stop what you are doing to settle into your new home, call Veteran Owned Locksmith, LLC today to rekey your locks and have confidence that your new home is secure.  

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