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Automotive and roadside key service

Veteran Owned Locksmith, LLC prides itself on being as versatile as the customer's situation. Whether you are stuck on the side of the road, parked at your office, at the local grocery store, or parked at your house, we will be there to get your car key made and get you back on the road. Other locksmiths may tell you to wait until their daily operating hours to get your car keys made. Not Veteran Owned Locksmith, LLC, we will come to you anytime day or night to get your car key made and, if need be, program the car key to your vehicle.  Why should you have to wait?  

Veteran Owned Locksmith, LLC only uses quality equipment that will work with your vehicle. We make the right cut based on your vehicles model and year manufactured. We test the key in every door to make sure the cut is right, then if needed, we will program the car key to your vehicle's ECU.  Once the vehicle accepts the program, our technicians will test the key to make sure that it will operate your car or truck.  That is it and you are on your way with your new car key.  Call us today to find out if we can make a car key and/or program your new key to your vehicle.  


1) Should I go to the dealership for a new or duplicate key?

A) Most dealerships will require the owner to tow their vehicle, at their own expense, to the dealership to show proof of ownership.  This becomes costly to the consumer as they now have a towing bill on top of the cost of the key and possibly programming the key to the vehicle.  This is strictly the consumer's choice.

2) What if my ignition switch is not the original equipment when the vehicle was built?

A) If you changed out your ignition switch on the vehicle, it is no longer considered OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).  A locksmith can make a key from your vehicles identification number, but make sure you know if the ignition switch is in fact OEM or aftermarket.  This will save you and the locksmith a lot of time and wasted resources.

3) How fast can a locksmith complete a key make and program service?

A) A good locksmith will get all of the information from you over the phone that is needed to cut the key and come to your location to test the cut and program to the vehicle if needed.  However, make sure you have proof of ownership ready to show the locksmith that you own the vehicle.  If you are not the owner of the vehicle, the locksmith should not provide you with the key to access the vehicle.

4) Will the quality of the replacement key be as good as the original?

A) Yes.  Veteran Owned Locksmith, LLC chooses the best brands like Ilco Keys to make sure you have a quality key replacement.  


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